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During over 20 years of specializing in U.S. immigration matters, we have learned to navigate the murky waters of ever-changing immigration landscape to achieve great results for thousands of our clients. Keeping abreast with ongoing political and legal developments in the country, we provide our clients with the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies. We represent businesses, individuals and families undergoing the U.S. immigration process, located anywhere in the United States or around the world. We take pride in the quality of our work, attention to detail and personable and responsive customer service.

Our Team

Lena Nevsky Immigration Attorney Hawaii

Lena Nevsky, Esq.

Attorney Lena Nevsky has been specializing in all aspects of the U.S. immigration law for over 20 years. She represents clients at all levels of the immigration adjudication system, including USCIS, immigration courts, administrative appellate levels and federal courts. Read More

Polina Boykova

Polina Boykova works as a communications assistant to the attorney. Currently a law student, Polina has a Specialist Degree in socio-cultural activities and a wealth of experience in different organizations in the areas of communications, office work, document administration and translations.


Success Stories

Chef Taras Zhemelko

Chef Taras Zhemelko, a citizen of Ukraine, currently owns and chefs the exclusive Royal Passage restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Extraordinary culinary ability helped to get:

  • Visa O-1 – Working Visa

  • EB-1 – U.S. Permanent Residence

Lena Nevsky showed the highest professionalism and wonderful human qualities in the preparation and conduct of my business.
Taras Zhemelko
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Nastia Ross, Тextile Еngineer

Nastia is an exceptionally gifted textile designer, whose graduate research focused on creation of the most complex multi-layered textile composites (spacer fabrics) that can be possibly achieved on already existing textile knitting machinery.

Extraordinary textile engineer ability helped to get:

  • EB-2 National Interest Waiver – U.S. Permanent Residence
In my experience, Lena proved herself as a knowledgeable, thoughtful and honest immigration attorney, and she handled a complex case that involved highly specialized scientific knowledge up to the highest professional standards. Excellent lawyer!
Nastia Ross
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Immigration Services

Family Immigration

Recently enacted Public Charge Rule created substantial obstacles to a lot of people seeking permanent residence in the United States through family ties. Whether you are an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen or a preference category applicant, whether you are applying from within or outside of the United States, our extensive experience in this area of the law will help you achieve your dream of reuniting with your family.

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Business and Talent Immigration

If you are a successful business owner or possess exceptional or extraordinary abilities in the area of your professional expertise, be it sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, we can use our extensive legal experience and business knowledge to map for you a personally tailored solution to achieving your immigration goals.

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Asylum and Removal Defense

If you were mistreated in your home country and looking to seek protection in the United States, the attorney will walk you through intricacies of the asylum process and will help you prepare a winning case. If you are currently in the removal proceedings as part of your asylum claim or for other reasons, Lena Nevsky can defend you against deportation.

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Citizenship and Naturalization

If you are a permanent resident of the United States, you may be eligible to become a citizen of this country through a process called naturalization. While naturalization is a fairly straightforward process for most people, it may be complicated by a variety of factors, including prior immigration history or certain complications during your residency, in which case legal representation is necessary to clear your path to your American dream.

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Trump’s “Public Charge Rule” is Back. What Now?

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  • Lena Nevsky helped me to prepare for naturalization interview and assisted through the naturalization process that got successfully completed! Lena is a very responsive and helpful attorney with attention to detail and great expertise in immigration cases. I recommend Lena if you want to avoid a lot of headache in naturalization process and complete it in a timely manner.

    thumb Anastasia Kreker

    A family friend recommended Lena Nevsky when my husband and I were looking for help with our family immigration case. Lena Nevsky helped me and my daughter to get our conditional green cards and then assisted us with the removal of condition from our residency. Today my daughter and I have unconditional green cards and we are very happy about how smooth and quick the process was. We will definitely use Lena Nevsky in the future for our citizenship process and will gladly recommend her to people we know. She is not only a great attorney but also a kind and honest person. It is very important to have a competent and trustworthy professional by your side when you are trying to obtain an immigration benefit. Oxana Lepestkina

    thumb Оксана Лепесткина
  • A competent and effective immigration attorney is absolutely essential in any immigration process, even a seemingly straightforward one. As a political scientist and a university professor, working in the field of Migration Studies, I can recognize and appreciate a true professional, such as Lena Nevsky, who assisted me both with my immigration needs and scholarly work. Lena offered me clarity and understanding of the process and provided precise guidance towards its completion, which gave me the results I was looking for. I am grateful that I worked with this immigration attorney and highly recommend her to anyone looking for representation in connection with various immigration needs. Andrei Korobkov, Middle Tennessee State University

    thumb Andrei Korobkov

    My friend recommended Lena Nevsky when I experienced an unfortunate change in circumstances during the family sponsorship case I filed with my former husband. I was left with no direction and no support and was very frustrated. Lena saved me from being unlawfully in the US and assisted me in the process of receiving a green card. Lena was very detailed in the preparation of my self-petitioning VAWA case, going over every detail and documenting the package very thoroughly. I received my green card in the mail, I wasn't even called for an interview. I highly recommend Lena to anyone looking for representation in the family immigration category.

    thumb Marina Grigoryeva
  • We chose immigration attorney Lena Nevsky because she was highly recommended by our friends. Lena represented us at different stages of a family sponsorship matter, which had certain complications along the way and needed extra research and special care. Lena was highly competent, professional and caring in her work. She prepared a very well documented submission to USCIS and my permanent green card was approved. Lena also was advising us in this matter on an ongoing basis and kept us informed of the progress. We are very happy that we chose this immigration attorney for our needs.

    thumb Darya Berezina

    I’m so happy that I used this attorney for my family immigration case! I had lots of fears and uncertainty going into the immigration process because I had circumstances complicating my case. Lena examined every detail in my history and prepared a package to the immigration service, covering each point in a thorough and professional manner. She met with us to prepare us for an interview and she attended our interview by phone. Our case was approved at the interview and I now can live and work in the United States and travel out of the country, which I couldn’t do in a long time. I recommend Lena Nevsky to anyone who needs representation in the area of the immigration law - she is an honest, caring, meticulous and very competent attorney who has not only 20+ years of professional experience but also human qualities that made me feel cared for and supported through the entire process. I’m grateful to this immigration attorney.

    thumb Bianca Moors
  • I contacted Lena Nevsky in Honolulu, who came highly recommended. Lena took time to review our case and to explain what was happening. She was not only very knowledgeable, but also kind and compassionate and she held our hand until I finally received my green card. Thank you, Lena, for your guidance and patience with my immigration matter. ?

    thumb Met Yana

    We retained this immigration attorney in connection with family sponsorship, which required consular processing and a I-601 application to waive prior immigration violations of my wife. To complicate things, we were going through this already difficult process during one of the most restrictive immigration regimes but we prevailed at every step. My family reunited in the United States in the fall of 2020. When we started this process, it seemed like the complexity of the process and the "extreme hardship" standard of inadmissibility waiver were too high hurdles to overcome but due to professionalism and hard work of our immigration attorney Lena Nevsky, we achieved our immigration goals. We are grateful that we made the right choice and picked an experienced professional who walked us through this complicated process toward reunification of our family.

    thumb Azret Bytdaev
  • Before meeting the immigration attorney Lena Nevsky in connection with obtaining a green card based on marriage, I tried some other ways - none of which appeared to be trustworthy. Lena has succeeded in everything that we’ve worked on together. She also represented me in connection with the removal of condition from my permanent residency.  Lena demonstrated herself as a knowledgeable, experienced and reliable professional, I felt almost relaxed in a seamless and easy process. From the first day I met Lena, I recommend her to all my friends with any type of immigration need as I am certain of her expertise not only in the area of family immigration but also business immigration, asylum, removal and naturalization. And she is kind & calm, too.

    thumb Татьяна Большакова



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